Oven Cleaning

Oven and cooker cleaning

A sparkling clean oven and cooker not only looks great, but it also ensures that your food tastes better and is healthier to consume. Our professional oven cleaning service guarantees to remove all the grime, grease, and burnt-on residue, leaving your oven looking brand new. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty or inhaling harsh chemicals. Let us do the dirty work for you and enjoy cooking in a clean and safe kitchen.

Restore your oven to its former glory without spending a fortune
Eliminate the unpleasant odour of burnt food from your oven
Flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle
Extend the lifespan of your oven by eliminating built-up grime
Achieve professional-grade results with our comprehensive oven disassembly service

Booking process

How to book oven cleaning with us:


Free estimate

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Questions answered

We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your cleaning needs, provide you with a bespoke quote for your requirements and answer any questions


Book a slot

Once we come to an agreement, we will confirm the time slots that work best for you, taking your preferred dates into consideration


Leave the dirty job to us

One of our experts will arrive on time, introduce themselves, answer any questions, disassemble the oven and clean it thoroughly


Finish up

Finally, enjoy cooking in your good-as-new oven

We are the local oven cleaning professionals

From greasy to gleaming- we know ovens inside and out

We are experts in oven cleaning and can effectively clean various types of ovens, cookers, hobs, extractor hoods, and splashbacks. Our oven cleaning service can be availed either as a standalone service or combined with other cleaning services. The following items are some of the things that can be cleaned as part of our comprehensive oven cleaning service.

We offer a variety of oven cleaning services

Free standing cookers
Single ovens with two racks
Single wide ovens
Double ovens with three racks
Range 90 cm ovens
Range 100 cm ovens
AGA side ovens
AGA 2 ovens
AGA 3 ovens
AGA 4 ovens
AGA 5 ovens

Revive your oven’s shine and savor tastier meals!

Experience our professional oven cleaning service and enjoy cooking in a spotless kitchen. Book now for a sparkling clean oven and healthier culinary delights.

We clean the following as add-ons

Gas hobs or ceramic hob with four burners
Microwave ovens
Extractor hoods
Induction hobs
Range hoods

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. We do not use the usual oven cleaning products and tools in order not to damage the pyrolytic coverage. We just need to follow the manufacturing instructions or find the instructions of the oven online. Usually, we remove all the trays and racks and set the “self-cleaning” programme.

Certainly, we use sheets or tarpaulin to shield the floor and collect any debris that may fall during the cleaning process. Moreover, our cleaning staff will thoroughly clean up after completing the task.

For ‘self-cleaning’ ovens, we do require that the power be on. However, for the other types of ovens, we can clean them when they are cold and do not need power.

Yes, we do. At the very end we use a specialised polish for a finishing touch.

An oven cleaning service typically lasts between 1-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the oven, with range cookers and AGAs taking the longest.

Immediately after the cleaning services.

Certainly, we provide cleaning services for both the interior and exterior of oven doors, and we also clean the spaces between the glass panels, except in cases where it is a sealed unit.

Our oven cleaning service covers both the visible and non-visible parts of the oven, such as the oven roof, behind the glass door, and behind liners which are carefully removed. We take care not to damage your appliance during the cleaning process. However, if the oven roof is covered with an element that cannot be removed without breaking it, we will not attempt to clean it to avoid any risk of damage.

It would be preferable to have access to hot running water.

Our cleaning service price does not include parking fees, so we kindly ask that you provide a parking spot for our team’s van as close to the property as possible (within 50 to 150 metres). Our vehicles are ULEZ compliant, and there are no additional charges for this. Our team comes fully equipped with all necessary supplies and equipment, so it’s essential that they can easily access the property. If you require details to secure a parking permit, please contact us at least 24 hours before the service. Please provide a direct contact number, and we will update you via SMS or email between 5 pm and 7 pm the day before the service. In the event that the client cannot provide a parking permit, and we cannot find a free parking spot, the client will be responsible for covering the parking fee. If the property is located within the congestion zone, the client will also be asked to cover the charge.

Our policy requires either you or a representative to be present at the start and end of the cleaning. During the initial meeting, our cleaners will be welcomed, and any cleaning details will be discussed. We would require you to come back at the end of the cleaning sessions to inspect the premises, sign off our checklists, and settle the remaining balance. If necessary, we can discuss alternative options.

Our reputation is immaculate


Leave the grime to us and cook worry-free!

Let our experts handle the dirty work. With our comprehensive oven cleaning service, you’ll have a gleaming oven, extended lifespan, and no hassle. Schedule your appointment today!